Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Raw Mango Dip

How to make Raw Mango Dip

Mangoes are my favourite. If its in the form of raw mango just slice it; dab some salt & chili powder & relish. If i cut the ripe mango it would be sinful; the mellowness of the riped mango is supposed to be enjoyed by painting your cheeks. Well here is a recipe made out of a raw mango which could be enjoyed with some chips, spread it on the bread or just eat it as a side dish or a relish.

Here is what we need -

  • 1 big raw mango(Kairi - is what we call it back home)
  • 2  tsp Jaggery
  • 3 tsp dry grated coconut
  • mustard seeds
  • asafetida or hing
  • Salt per your taste
  • Chili powder
What's next -

Peel the mango and chop it into very small pieces; don't forget to take out the seed. Grate the jaggery & mix it with chopped mango in the bowl. Leave it on the counter for an hour so that mango will leave out its water as the jaggery dissolves.

Grate dry coconut & roast it till it turns slightly golden brown. that way it will be easy to grind it into a fine powder. After about an hour blend mango+jaggery mix and coconut in the blender to a very smooth paste.Add a dash of salt & take out the mixture in the serving bowl.

In the small pan heat 2 tsp of oil. I prefer olive oil not just because its very flavorful but also its healthy. Add Mustard seeds & let it splutter. Add Asafetida, chili powder to the mixture and mix well.

Enjoy this sour & tangy dip as a side to your main course or as a dip to your evening snack.

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