Sunday, November 20, 2011

Traditional Flat Bread or Bhakri

Roasted rice flat bread or in regional way Bhakri is type of Roti. This is simple yet amazingly tasty and healthy. The traditional way of making this is on the earthen stove which brings a unique flavor to the dish. This is enjoyed with various curries; my favourite is "Pithal". Pithal is maharashtrian chickpea flour curry.

To make this we need -

1 cup rice flour
1/2 cup hot water
salt per taste

In a mixing bowl take rice flour. add salt. Add spoon by spoon water to make crumbly dough. Kneed the dough to a very smooth ball using hand. This should take 4-5 minutes.Cover this dough under wet paper towel or cloth.

Generally traditional cast iron griddles are used to make this however I used my old non-stick chapati griddle which is no more Non-stick :-)

On one stove heat griddle and on the other stove heat chapati grill.

before starting to roll the bhakaris keep 2 things ready :

a small pot with some water in it (We are going to use it while roasting the bhakris on the griddle)
some rice flour to dust on while we are rolling the bhakris

How to flatten the bhakri without rolling pin - Take a big size ( bigger than tennis ball) dough. Dab some rice flour on the kitchen counter (It will prevent dough from sticking to the counter) and place the dough on it. put some flour to your hand & palm; slowly try to spread/flatten the dough into around 6 inch circular bhakari. Make sure the bhakri is evenly flattened. Lift slowly with both hands and place it on the hot griddle with top surface up.

Immediately sprinkle some water on top. In about a minute the water starts to evaporate. Flip the bhakri. In 30 seconds or so remove the bhakri using turner and place it on the hot chapati grill (make sure the watered surface goes on the flame). The bhakri will slowly puff up.

Turn and roast the other side as well. It should have nice brown/black spots.

Put a dollop of ghee on the bhakri. Serve it with pithal.

In the picture you have Spinach pithal .. It goes very well with Bhakri.

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